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      (Please measure with your straight arms next to your thighs at the point of your little finger; keep your upper body upright)

      Progress pictures



      Please note:
      - On the pictures, you should wear a bikini or sports underwear that you also want to wear on the following pictures.
      - Choose a neutral background; preferably a white wall.
      - The perspective should be from the front (avoid an angle from above or below). Ask your partner or a friend or use automatic release of your smartphone. If you need to use automatic release you can use a chair, desk or another object to lean your camera on.
      - Preferably, you take the pictures during daylight. Stand with the light shining on you from the side. The photos are used with care and are mainly used for a great “before and after”. It is often the case that you only see your own progress when you compare your starting photos with those taken a few months into the coaching.

      It would be great if I could use the photos for client inspiration. For sure it is possible to crop out your head so that you won’t be recognized. I will only use the photos for marketing with your agreement and I will ask you again at a later date.


      (f. ex. fat loss, building muscle, find a healthy relationship with food, train right, learning specific exercises (Pull Ups, Muscle-Up, Dips, Handstand, other exercise that require good technique, competition prep)

      (You can also mention insecurities you have with your body/ your health right now. What bothers you the most?)



      (mainly seating, walking or standing often, physically exhausting work)